History of Chase Bank Logo

Chase Bank logo is a simple yet outstanding symbol. It comprises of a stylized octagon that borders between royal blue and cornflower blue. It is a well known logo that has for years served to distinguish the JP Morgan Chase bank from the rest.

History of the Chase Bank logo

The current Chase Bank logo traces its origin to the mid 1950s. Following a merger between Chase National Bank and The Manhattan Company in 1955, a octagonal logo was created to serve as a representation of the new business unit. This logo comprised of a stylized octagon with black, brown, lilac, and jungle green sides.

The logos preceding this new logo had on their part been made up of map diagrams and pictures alongside texts. This new logo had therefore come as a whole new look to the American bank. The octagon in the logo stood for the wooden pipes that were being used by The Manhattan Company.

Chase Bank logo images

Chase Bank logo images have been changing with the passing of time. Having moved from pictorial logos to a stylized octagonal logo, Chase Bank next made a few years to its new logo in the years that followed. These changes were mostly in regards to the color and the shape of the logo.

Between 1976 and 2007, the bank changed from the four colored logo to a white octagonal logo sitting on a navy blue and red background. Further merger with other financial institutions led to Chase Bank changing its logo to a blue stylized octagon on a white background. This logo has been in use ever since then up to this particular moment.



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