JSE Logo – history and facts

Jse logo belongs to the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Market in the South Africa. It is a very old marketplace that has been continually working for more than 125 years.

As the name says, its main purpose is stock exchanging, but it has been trading with gold, silver, currencies and other valuable materials.


It does not have these things itself but connects prospective buyers with sellers who then make the trading for themselves. Thanks to the rich history and high turnover, the JSE logo is one of the largest stock markets in the world, and definitely the biggest in the South Africa.


Its logo has been existing since the market was opened. It has changed a design and colors of the logo several times so far, and it has currently in use a couple of them. Probably the silver logo with the JSE abbreviation in the middle of it is the best known today.

Its shiny color and unusual lines make jse logo quite unique and nice when someone is watching in it. The JSE is following current fashion trends and updating the logos according to them. The latest changing was in 2014 when the stock market updated the look of the logo. New modifications should be expected in the future also.

JSE Logo photo - 1