The evolution of Residence Inn Marriott Logo

Companies use logos to communicate to their clients about their products and brands. With different logos being unique to every company, customers can easily differentiate one company from another just by looking at their logos.

Every company requires a logo to promote their services and to sell their idea to the public. Most companies change their logos as years pass and as they improve their services, like Residence Inn Marriott Logo.

Residence Inn Marriott Logo photo - 1


Residence Inn Marriott Logo designs have gone through numerous inventions and techniques depending on the company. At first, logos were developed as illustrative styles with figurative imagery coupled with bright, flat colors.

This later expanded to topographic styles with decreased printing costs and increased literacy. Later, logos became more modernized with simple and clear visuals. Modern logos now consist of symbols and names with unique design, colors and letters.


Each company’s logo has history behind it; residence inn marriott logo being one of them. It all starts with a simple design which evolves with changes in technology, competition, consumerpreverences among other factors.

Residence inn by marriott logo is inspired its urge to communicate the brand to customers. It can be in the form of a simple letter or color but it has something unique to communicate to the target audience.

With other logos just appearing in form of pictures, others company initials and other just by a symbol; all represent what the company is about and successfully communicate to the audience.