10 facts to know about Rodan+Fields Logo

Do know what the rodan fields logo is all about? With this the error of designers, all over the internet you might come across the term rodan and fields logo products or items.

Though some people see this kind of logo on products, they won’t even guise what it real means or implies.

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What is rodan and field logo?


Rodan and fields logo was at first designed by two gentlemen’s namely the Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields as the name implies.it was later purchased by a group known as Estee In year 2003.


The use of rodan and fields logo


Like diamond mark of quality many businesses are now using rodan and field’s logo to sell their products. This implies that this kind of logo is something that is selling for many business, as I said earlier for the case of diamond mark of quality, where when the customer sees it, he or she just get the trust in the product and is just the same when the rodan and fields logo is located by customer on many items, business or services and goods.


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