The Walking Dead Logo

The Walking Dead Logo concept has been around for centuries.Companies were assigning distinct symbols or marks to distinguish their brand. In the 19th century, logos started becoming more distinct in design but had more to do with the company name than with a designer logo.

The Walking Dead Logo photo - 1


The 19th and 20th century has seen a boom in the Walking Dead Logo design with customized logos that may or may not bear the company name. The logos of today are such that a glance will tell you which company it belongs to.

With special logo design software, getting a customized logo is no more a challenge.

The One of a Kind Logo

The Walking Dead Logo is one of a kind. The logo is undergoing a gradual change as the season advances. It’s subtle, but it’s obvious that AMC’s, The Walking Dead Logo, looks like it’s decaying, just like the world in which the story is set.

It will be worth the wait to watch what the logo turns into by the time the series comes to a conclusion.