The history and meaning behind Los Tigres del Norte Logo

Los Tigres Del Norte band; which stands for, “Tigers of the North” in English giving you a much better understanding of there logo and why it was designed the way that it is.

It is the name of the band Los Tigres Del Norte in gold writing making up the body, while the G in Tigres comes out in a long fashion making a tigers tail, and then at the end of the S of Tigres makes a Tigers head.

Los Tigres del Norte Logo photo - 1


Los Tigres Del Norte band was started by family members consisting of brothers and cousins in 1968. The Los Tigres Del Norte originated from Mexico, but started when they moved to San Jose, California.

Here they started recording there music, and haven’t stopped since. They are still performing and recording, having released their most recent album back last year in 2016.


They have over 50 albums to there credit, appearances in movies, 26 number one singles as well as numerous grammy wins and nominations. Los Tigres del Norte have sold over 32 million records worldwide and don’t show any signs of slowing down or stopping anytime to soon.